Texas Highway Patrol 2013 Dodge Challenger

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The Texas Department of Public Safety (Highway Patrol) now has the baddest cruiser in its fleet since the days of the SSP Ford Mustangs. It’s unlikely that you’ll see this car chasing anyone down the highway though. The car was donated by Buffalo Bills football player Mario Williams, and is said to be used for recruitment purposes. It is likely used as a public relations tool wherever possible. It’s almost a crime to think that this 470 horsepower, 6-speed monster (probably the fastest car in their fleet) won’t be chasing aggressive drivers.

Why would a Buffalo Bills player donate to Texas? Mario was drafted out of North Carolina University in 2006 by the Houston Texans football team (he signed with the Bills in 2012), and he donated police cars while he was still with the Texans.

In 2011 he donated (5) white Chevy Camaro’s to the Houston Police Department (CLICK HERE). He admires law enforcement, and wanted to give back to the community by donating the police cars. The cars were assigned to the city’s traffic division. In 2013 he donated (5) black Dodge chargers to the Houston Police Department. The police department used those cars to target aggressive drivers.

(Mario Williams)

So at the time of this posting, Mario Williams has donated (11) police cars. It’s nice to know that while some wealthy athletes are packing their garages with expensive automobiles, at least (1) of them is donating cars to good use.




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