Minnesota State Patrol SSP Mustang

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Minnesota law required that Minnesota State Patrol cars be maroon, but specially marked patrol cars could be any color, and were required to have the Patrols emblem on the right (passenger) door only. This SSP Ford Mustang was one of twenty original Mustangs purchased, and only one of four that was Shadow Blue Metallic. You can only imagine the surprise that people experienced when they were caught by the car above, when they were use to looking for this:

This car has been returned to its in-service condition that includes:

  • Five-O Emergency Products red dash light
  • Code 3 dual halogen red alternating flashing light in the rear window
  • Sho-Me “No Show” red halogen alternating lights under the front bumper (look white when off)
  • “Wig-Wag” alternating headlight flasher
  • Flashback alternating brake light / back-up light flasher
  • Federal Signal PA300 siren
  • GE Rangr Radio
  • GE CB radio
  • Bearcat scanner
  • MPH K55 Radar unit

Oh, and you can’t forget the single Minnesota State Patrol emblem on the passenger door. The Trooper hat and uniform shirt definitely ad to the ‘in-service’ feel of the car.

This car is in such good original condition, that you can still read where it was marked “POLICE” on the underside as it started down the assembly line.

Make sure you check out more photos of the car below, along with this video:


More Photos:

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