Kansas Highway Patrol 1992 SSP Mustang

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Being a SSP Mustang enthusiast that grew up in Kansas City, Aaron has always wanted a Kansas Highway Patrol SSP Mustang. He finally got that chance when a former Kansas Highway Patrol 1992 SSP Mustang showed up for sale.

Aaron purchased the car and quickly began disassembling it for restoration. Having access to a lift made it possible for Aaron to rebuild/restore everything under the car as well.

The newly acquired SSP Mustang next to an Alabama Highway Patrol SSP Mustang

Once the car was stripped down to a rolling shell, the restoration began.

The inner fender/strut tower/frame assemblies were rusted, so all of the spot welds were drilled so they could be removed. The areas were then cleaned up with a grinder and sanded so the new pieces could be fit together. Once all of the pieces were lined up, measured, and re-measured, they were finally welded in place. Once it was all back together, it was sanded and primed.

The front cross member was sent out and powder coated. It was then reinstalled along with the front suspension so the car could be moved around.

After spending quite a bit of time sanding on the car, Aaron decided to have the car soda blasted.

Soda blasting revealed a little more work that needed done. The previous owners repaint/prep work really did more harm then good.

After some finish sanding, the car was washed to remove all of the soda. The whole car was then scuffed with red Scotchbrite scuff pads and 320 grit sandpaper. It was then washed again with hot (dish) soapy water. After the final rinse it was towel dried, and every pinch weld, brace, and nook was dried with an air gun to remove any remaining water. It then sat it in the 90 degree sun for 5 hours before it was wiped down with Dupont Final Clean and sealed with a coat of etching primer.

The etching primer was followed up with a coat of 2k Urethane Primer.

Then it received a guide coat so it could be sanded straight.

After blocked sanding the whole car to find the low and high spots, Aaron fixed those areas and re-primed it. He spent an entire weekend just getting the hood perfect. The floor boards were repaired and painted Ecoat gray. With all the prep work done, the roof was painted followed by the deck lid, bumpers, and hood. Then the rest of the car was painted.

The underside of the car was also cleaned up, prepped, and covered with POR15 Gray.

With the car finally painted, it was buffed to a shine and the reassembly process began.

Antennas were fitted back into their original holes, and a NOS Carlite rear window with Defrost, and a Carlite front windshield were installed. Almost NOS rear tail lights and NOS Quarter glass were installed along with new door handles, emblems and weather stripping.

The front suspension was reassembled with new ball joints, tie rod ends, rack & pinion, and bushings. The struts and springs are off of a 20,000 mile Mustang. Aaron got some perfect condition OE brake lines from a 1992 Mustang GT that had been turned into a race car with all custom lines. The fuel tank was cleaned up and reinstalled with a new fuel pump, along with the original cleaned and painted fuel and EVAP lines.

The rear axle was overhauled with new hub/axles/pinion/carrier bearings and seals. The brakes received new calipers, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, brake booster, brake hoses, brake pads, shoes, rotors, drums, and hardware. Likewise, the suspension received all new bushings and low mileage almost NOS control arms and shocks.

With the suspension all back together, the Mustang now rides on new wheels and Goodyear Gatorbacks.

The original Ford 5.0L was disassembled, and the block, heads, and crank were sent out to a machine shop. Aaron completely overhauled the engine with new rocker arms, push rods, lifters, gaskets, harmonic balancer, water pump, oil pump, intake, and new bolts. The engine was reinstalled with the proper blue radiator hoses, and the original SSP oil cooler.

The interior received a new carpet and headliner, and all of the interior parts were cleaned up and reinstalled. Aaron also located and installed all of the proper police/emergency equipment that the car was originally equipped with.

How accurate is this restoration? The newspaper photo above is from 1992. The photo above that is after the restoration was completed. Although the photo from the newspaper article was an automatic (likely a test car), and this restoration was of a manual, the interior is exact with all of the proper equipment as shown in the newspaper photo. Also note that these cars have ‘sport seats’. Some ‘experts’ argue that SSP’s didn’t have them, and that they were added after the fact. The fact is that all Kansas Highway Patrol mustangs had them.

That equipment included:

  • Federal Firebeam light for the dash and rear deck
  • A pair of amber Sho-me halogen lights for the rear deck.
  • RADAR, radio siren, and switch panel
  • Kansas Highway Patrol markings

The restoration of this car took Aaron 2.5 years, but this was a true restoration, not just a re-paint. This car was completely disassembled and reassembled with new or like new parts. It’s likely one of the nicest SSP Mustang restorations we’ll ever see.

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Kansas Highway Patrol SSP Mustang Light Video

More Photos:

There are close to 200 photos here. While they may not be in chronological order, I did try to group them together as best I could. These photos show the depth and detail of the restoration, included the work Aaron did rebuilding the inner fenders and core support. I urge you to look at all of them

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