Greenlight Hot Pursuit & Diorama Series SSP Mustangs


Greenlight Collectibles has a collection 1:64th scale diecast police vehicles that are released in a series. Some of those series contain SSP Mustangs for you serious SSP Mustang collectors. Quantities are said to be limited to 7500.

Here is a break down of the SSP Mustangs being offered.

Series 4 – Wisconsin State Patrol 1991 SSP Ford Mustang:

Series 6 – Nevada Highway Patrol 1989 SSP Ford Mustang:

Series 8 – New York State Police 1988 SSP Ford Mustang:

Series 9 – Nebraska Highway Patrol 1993 SSP Ford Mustang

Greenlight Dioramas Series 3 – Florida Highway Patrol 1990 SSP Ford Mustang (2010):