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The 1971-1972 AMC Javelin - The Original Pony Police Car


Before the Camaro and Mustang pony cars were ever used for Police duty, another pony car had already left its mark patrolling the highways.

In 1971, the Alabama Department of Public Safety received (2) AMC Javelins on loan from Reinhardt AMC of Montgomery, Alabama. The cars were a a 1971 Javelin SST with a 304-2v V8 and a 1971 Javelin-AMX 401-4v. The cars were marked with the ADPS markings and a Dietz model 7-11 blue light on the roof.

1971 ADPS Javelins:

After the trial run, ADPS ordered 71 of the base model Javelins in late 1971. 61 were silver and 10 were unmarked. The marked cars had a blue and spartan interior. Each '71 Javelin was a base-model wearing 'Machine' 5-slot mag wheels with Good Year Polyglass raised-white-lettered tires. They were powered by a special 'fleet service' version of AMC's new 401cid 4-barrel V8 engine, backed by a Borg-Warner automatic transmission. Other 'fleet service' items were underneath, like brake and suspension components. Each also received a full 'Rally' gauge package, including tachometer and a 140mph speedometer.

All ADPS Javelins got a rear spoiler, normally available only on a Javelin AMX model. The spoiler was added simply to provide a location to display the 'STATE TROOPER, markings on the rear of the car. The decklid on the car had to much of an angle for the markings to be read there. A third '401' emblem was placed over the holes in the spoiler where the AMX emblem would normally go.

1972 ADPS Javelins:

The ADPS bought 62 more Javelins in 1972. 12 were all silver and 42 were blue over silver. 8 more were unmarked cars in various colors. All the '72s were the more up-scale 'Javelin SST' models. The cars came with the 401-V8, an A727 'Torque-Command' automatic transmission, and 8-slot 'Rally' wheels. The '72 SSTs were a Bluish Silver and the ADPS painted the hoods, decklids and spoilers of the final 42 cars dark blue before putting them to use. The roof light was upgraded to a blue Dietz model 2-11.


The ADPS didn't receive any more Javelins after 1972. They did however keep one of them and it can be seen at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega, Alabama.

The Alabama DPS actually has a page on these cars that can be seen HERE.



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