North Carolina Highway Patrol Mustang – Emergency Lighting


Lighting Version 1:

North Carolina Highway Patrol initially had a halogen blue teardrop dash light and federal Signal rear deck lights with motorized covers. The covers had a tendency to stick and not open, so the North Carolina Highway Patrol switched to Code 3 Deckblasters.

Blue teardrop dash light

Federal Signal motorized deck lights – often referred to as motorized mirror lights.

The dash light in the photo above actually looks like a Federal Fireball II with a flash shield (mirror) mounted behind it:

Lighting Version 2:

North Carolina Highway Patrol replaced the problematic motorized deck lights with dual Code 3 Deckblaster strobes. The brackets were mounted between the rear seat and deck (package tray). The blue dash light was replaced with a single Code 3 Deckblaster.

Code 3 Deckblaster

It’s unclear when North Carolina switched lights, but it was sometime around 1990-1991.

Code 3 Deckblasters in the rear window

Federal Signal Motorized Mirror Lights in the rear window

Motorola radio on the dash, and a VASCAR speed measuring device on the console


North Carolina State Highway Patrol 1993 SSP 5.0 Mustang LX. YouTube play