New Mexico State Police SSP Ford Mustang


(New Mexico had (6) 1990 SSP Mustangs)

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The New Mexico State Police did not use lightbars on their SSP Mustangs. All of them were slicktop cars with lights above the front bumper, and in the back window.

Grill Lights:

These car were equipped with red halogen lights mounted above the front bumper. 

The photo of another New Mexico State Police car below gives you a better look at the type of light used.

These lights appear to be either Dietz or Grote Par 46 light housings

(Grote Par46 chrome housing)

(Dietz Par 46 lights)

Rear Deck Lights:

Looking at the photo of the SSP Mustang, we can see that there is a radar antenna in the rear window, and (2) rectangular shaped objects.

Looking at the photo below of the New Mexico State Police Chevy, you can see that cruisers of this time era had red/amber Federal Signal SML2 Signalmaster lights in the rear window.

(Dual red & amber Signalmaster SML2 lights)

(Red & amber Signalmaster SML2 light)


These cars had a single chrome spotlight. 






The New Mexico State Police Mustangs were equipped with Kustom Signals Hawk Radar units.

More Photos:

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