Nevada Highway Patrol SSP Ford Mustang

Emergency Lighting:

The Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) used (3) different styles of lightbars on their cars:

Whelen Mini Edge:

NHP used the Whelen Mini Edge (given to them by Whelen to test) on some of there vehicles in 1986. It was used on at least one SSP Mustang. For the most part though, the standard lightbar would have been the Aerodynic Model 22.

(Whelen Mini Edge)

Federal Signal Aerodynamic Model 22:

NHP used the Federal Signal Aerodynic Model 22 on the 1985-1986 Mustangs. This is a 4-rotator light.

(Aerodynic Model 22)

Federal Signal Jetsonic:

The 1991-1993 Mustangs used the Federal Signal Jetsonic. These bars were driver side red, and passenger side blue, with clear takedowns and alley lights. These lights have an amber filter on the back. There is one in the second position from the end on each side of the light bar.

(Federal Signal Jetsonic)


The Nevada Highway Patrol used dual chrome spotlights. The lights on the passenger side had a red bulb. These were 5-inch spotlights as apposed to the more traditional 6-inch spotlights.


Wheels Note: Nevada was doing some testing with Michelin tires and upgraded to the Ford Mustang 16-inch “Pony” wheels and Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe wheels on some of the later Mustangs. If you find a Nevada Highway Patrol Mustang with wheels that look like they should have been on a GT, versus the 10-hole normal wheel, there is a chance it may have been used that way in service.

Push Bumper:

The Nevada Highway Patrol equipped their patrol cars with Buddy Bumpers made by Taylors Manufacturing in Sacramento, California. That company is out of business, and used Buddy Bumpers are very hard to locate.

(Buddy Bumper)

Radio & Siren Equipment:


1985/1986 – GE Mastr II control head

(GE Mastr II Radio Control Head)

1990 – Motorola Syntor 8-Channel with Scan Deck 


Regency M-100

(Regency M-100)


Unitrol 480K

(Unitrol 480K Siren)


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