Michigan State Police SSP Mustang & Camaro – Emergency Lighting


1992 SSP Ford Mustang at the Michigan State Police Academy

Note the (2) round Whelen deck lights. Some Mustangs were also equipped with a Whelen Responder red light behind and above the third brake light.

1991 Chevy Camaro at Michigan State Police Academy

Whelen Mini-Max Red Strobes on front bumper

Although it’s not a Mustang or Camaro, this photo does show what the Unity S6 lights look like on the rear deck.

Emergency Lighting:

The Michigan State Police Mustang & Camaro’s did not have a light on the roof. Instead, they were equipped with Whelen Mini-Max strobe lights on the front bumper:

Round halogen deck lights in the rear window:

(These Unity S6 lights were used on the rear deck of the 1989 Ford Mustangs. They are the same size light as the unity spotlights.)

The 1989 Mustangs had the Unity S6 lights. The 1992 Mustangs had round Whelen lights.

Some Mustangs were also equipped with a Whelen Responder halogen rotating light that sat behind and above the third brake light in the rear window (between the round halogen lights).

And a ‘Hailer’ mounted on the hood:

These care were also equipped with Sound Off alternating traffic mover headlight flashers, and the brake and backup lights were equipped with a hamsar 35-300 flashback flasher.

These cars were equipped with dual chrome spotlights. There are restored Michigan State Police Mustangs with red bulbs in the passenger spotlight, but an actual photo of an in-service MSP Mustang with a red passenger spot has not been found to confirm its use.