Louisiana State Police SSP Mustangs – Equipment


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Note: Louisiana State Police cars had been white with red lettering up until 1989. From 1989-1991 the cruisers were blue with gold markings. In 1992 the cruisers returned to white cars with red lettering. 

Emergency Lighting:

The Louisiana State Police Mustangs were not equipped with lightbars.

The 1989 Mustangs used a blue pancake dash light.

(Blue SVP Pancake Halogen Dashlight)

The 1993 Mustangs used a single Whelen Dashmaster attached to the headliner and dual Dashmasters on the deck in the rear window.

(Whelen Dashmaster)

There has also been a photo seen of a 1993 Louisiana State Police Mustang with an additional Code 3 Deckblaster on the dash and in the rear window in addition to the Whelen Dashmasters. Typically though it seems that the Mustangs just had the Dashmasters.

(Code 3 Deckblaster)

Whelen Dashmaster’s in the rear window, and at the top of the windshield. There is a Code 3 Deckblaster on the dash.


The 1989 Louisiana State Police Mustangs had a unique 4×6 rectangular unity spotlight with a black housing. The 1993 Mustangs had the traditional round chrome spotlights.