Idaho State Police SSP Mustang


(Always looking for good photo examples of Idaho State Police Mustangs)


The Idaho State Police Mustangs did not have lightbars.

Dash Light:

These cars were equipped with a halogen dash light, and it is believed ISP used the Whelen Responder.

But if you look at the photo below:

You can see that the mirror (reflector) behind the light has a curved edge, and actually resembles the Federal Fireball II light and attached reflector shown below.

Rear Deck Lights:

These cars were equipped with Sho-Me amber halogen lights on the rear window deck.

(Amber (not this orange) Sho-Me lights with a chrome housing)


These cars were equipped with a chrome spotlight..


It is believes that the 1983 Mustang used the Unitrol 800 siren. There is also some that believe the Idaho cars used the Whelen WS-295 siren. It could be that the 1983 was Unitrol, and the 1986 was a Whelen. Hopefully someone will be able to shed more light on this.

(Unitrol 800 Siren)

(Whelen WS-295 Siren)


Motorola Micor radio

(Motorola Micor shown below a Unitrol 800 siren)

It has also been suggested that the Idaho cars used a GE Phoenix radio. If so, it would like have been one of these:


Looking at this photo of a Idaho SSP Mustang, you can see the blue dash light, radar counting unit (display unit), and the antenna just behind the spotlight.

Blowing up the photo a little, you can clearly see the radar antenna is a grayish color with black striping that widens towards the front like a cone.

The MPH K-Band radar is the only antenna with those colors that widens like that, which would indicate that this car was equipped with a K-55 K-Band radar unit.

License Plates:

The Idaho State Police patrol cars are identified with a license plates with ‘ISP’ followed by (3) digits.

Roll Cage:

You can barely see it behind the drivers seat:

but the Idaho State Police Mustangs were equipped with a Setina 4-point roll cage.