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Boones Mill Virginia Police Pontiac GTO
Boones Mill Virginia Police GTO

Boones Mill Virginia Police Pontiac GTO

Filed in Pontiac GTO by on May 9, 2017 • views: 432

Photos of this phantom black 2004 Pontiac GTO have been posted on line and mistakenly referred to as a Virginia State Police (VSP) car. But a quick look at the officer in the photo above reveals that he’s in a dark blue uniform with a yellow stripe going down the pant legs. Virginia State Troopers […]


USAF SSP Mustang – Dragon Chaser views: 323

Riding a wingspan roughly as wide as a 10-story building is high, the U-2 pilot, insulated in a full pressurized flight suit and astronaut-like helmet, grips the stick and makes a final check on his alignment with the runway. The Lockheed spyplane is in the final seconds of a long, high-altitude recon mission overflying volatile […]

1982 – The Start of The Police Mustangs views: 392

Ford ‘officially’ offered the Special Service Package Mustang to law enforcement agencies from 1983-1993. However, the introduction of the Special Service Package Mustang actually began in 1982. 1982 – California Highway Patrol: The California Highway Patrol (CHP) was looking for a vehicle that could meet it’s performance needs. These demands were so serious, that it […]

Hot Pursuit – Riding Shotgun With The CHP views: 239

Officer Garrett appreciates a fast car-like his CHP Mustang, which is one of the few left in CHP’s fleet. “Don’t let them kill you on some dirty freeway.” This is the last sentence of a 5-paragraph survival creed that I read more than 7 hours ago in the briefing room in the Altadena California Highway […]

Houston Texas Police 2011 Chevy Camaro’s views: 410

  Houston Mayor Annise Parker and Police Chief Charles A. McClelland, Jr. today (November 1, 2011) were joined by Houston Texans player Mario Williams to unveil the Pro Bowl linebacker’s donation of five Chevrolet Camaros to Houston Police’s Traffic Enforcement Division. These new traffic enforcement vehicles will be outfitted to run radar, and have low […]