Alaska State Troopers Pontiac Trans Ams

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The Alaska State Troopers purchased three (nonpolice package) 1981 Firebird Trans Ams to enforce highway regulations, and discourage attempts to out run the law.

Almost nothing is known about these cars at this time. The Alaska State Troopers have a Highway Patrol division that is known to have unmarked cars. These cars were probably used by Highway Patrol Troopers.

From looking at this photo:
alaska_state_trooper_trans_am_labelledWe can tell that each car has a rectangular light on the drivers side of the rear window. There is a radar antenna mounted in the center of the dash, and the passenger side visor appears excessively thick suggesting that it may have a flip down emergency light.


If you have any information or photos of these cars, please CONTACT SSP Central.



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